Vision and Mission

The professional development Forum is constituted to provide interactive learning experiences that will immerse attendees in specialized content with a focus on continuous skill learning & development. Online workshops and offline events at the Forum are organized by engaging the members of the LS Forum.

The different layers of the Forum membership is structured as :

  • Foundation level Members (3 years or less job experience)

  • Mid Level Members (3-10 years)

  • Senior Level (10 - 20 years)

  • Mentors (20 + years)

Registration Rates: Valid for two years and membership to be renewed after 2 years

  • Foundation level Member: Nil  

  • Mid Level Members (3-10 years) : INR 2000 

  • Senior Level (10 - 20 years) : INR 3000 

  • Mentors (20 + years) : On Invitation only

Registration includes -

  • Information about online & offline LSF workshops & events

  • Minimum 3 online/online events or workshops on professional development and corporate learning will be conducted in one calendar year 

  • Invitation to attend or volunteer to organize these events. Participation is subjected to a minimum fee, if any.

  • e-Certificates to speakers, event coordinators and participants

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