Foundation, Vision and Mission of L'strategique

L'Strategique LLP is a partnership firm supporting International clients for 360 degree vision and scope of collaborations at several levels in Higher Education space. It is in alignment with section 12.11.4 of Draft Education Policy of Indian Government, which emphasizes on Internationalisation of Higher Education.

The name of company, L'Strategique is derived from french language, meaning -" the strategy".  It harmonize with the core strength and objective of our company. 

Our Foundation

During her global travel and exposure to several International Universities and consortium, our founder Dr Vaneeta Aggarwal envisaged the beauty of seamless cultures, languages, knowledge and felt the barriers dissolving quick under the common laws of Universe.

Do laws of sciences or Math or Environment change with crossing borders ?? No ! so why not to develop a strategic plan in order to unify golden standards of different Institutes and Industries to develop higher education opportunities for students of all countries to meet each other and to benefit from best faculty and best programs available. This resulted in foundation of L'Strategique LLP.

Our Vision

The tag line - " Globalizing Education " summarizes the dream of our founder and CEO, Dr Vaneeta Aggarwal. It is our vision to provide a standardized level of higher education to not only Indian students but also International students.

Our mission

We wish to support our clients with a strategy plan to enter Indian market and Indian Industry through mutually beneficial partnerships. Today India is undergoing a huge transformation in terms of Skill India, Start-up India, Digital India & Make in India. There are a number of start-ups in digital, e-commerce, manufacturing sectors which flourished and settled as big players across the world. Today's students do not only need theoretical education, they need to supplement it with Industrial hands on experience. We help in Industry-Academia partnerships, Institute's collaborations, Mutual exchange of faculty & students, local representation of Foreign Universities without having to build Infrastructure or hiring multiple people.

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